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Empowering through Education


In 2011-12, India’s poverty rate had declined to a record 22 per cent, a steep drop from 45 per cent in 1994. However, according to the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), in 2012 about 56 per cent of the population was still in deprivation of the eight basic needs – food, energy, housing, drinking water, sanitation, health care, education, and social security.

This indicates that our next aim as a developing country has to be moving towards the empowerment of the society as a whole, and what better way than starting with the future generation?

Poverty is a huge impediment to the empowerment of a country’s citizens, and often breeds a cycle of hopelessness and unrest. Fortunately, this problem in India can be solved through education, we believe. Our motive behind providing the midday meal to underserved children in India is not just to provide them with a healthy childhood, but to also encourage the new generation to attend school. Together, through programmes like the mid-day meal scheme, we can eliminate classroom hunger in India and empower our generations to come.

Do you believe that education is the key to ending poverty and empowering the citizens of India? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

– By Nitish Sahay

(Intern from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies)

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