Akshaya Patra hosts 3 blood donation camps


Aside from working to eliminate classroom hunger in India, Akshaya Patra also tries to provide its services to other agencies in need of assistance.

Recently Akshaya Patra conducted three blood donation camps in Karnataka to support hospitals in the area.

The first blood camp was held on 25th June, 2014 at HK Hill with 56 participants donating blood to the programme.

Tremendous participation at HK Hill blood donation camp
Tremendous participation at HK Hill blood donation camp

On 13th November, 2014 the blood camp at Bellary brought in a total of 50 donors.

Cheerfully giving at Bellary blood donation camp
Cheerfully giving at Bellary blood donation camp

The blood camp at the Vasanthapura (VK Hill) was undertaken on 29th November, 2014 in association with ESI Hospital. A total number of 59 donors participated in the programme.

Helping out for a worthy cause at VK Hill
Helping out for a worthy cause at VK Hill

We are thrilled to have been given an opportunity to provide assistance to such a worthy cause. We look forward to when we can next contribute in any way we can.

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Akshaya Patra wins 5th consecutive SAFA award


Akshaya Patra received the SAFA Best Presented Annual Report Awards 2013 in the Non-Governmental Organizations (including NPOs) category, standing first of all the SAARC countries participating! This is yet another wonderful affirmation of the high standards the Foundation upholds in financial accounting.

The award was conferred to Akshaya Patra after evaluation based on Improvement in Transparency, Accountability and Governance exemplified in the published annual reports submitted from South Asian countries. The award was handed over to Akshaya Patra on 4th December at Bhubaneshwar, and was received by Achytya Krishna, on behalf of the Foundation.

This is the fifth consecutive year that Akshaya Patra is winning a SAFA award for its Annual Report. In 2008-09 the Foundation won the Certificate of Merit, 2009-10 the 2nd Runner-Up, 2010-11 the Gold Award and 2011-12 the Silver Award.

Speaking on the occasion Chanchalapathi Dasa, Vice-Chairman of Akshaya Patra said, “We are honoured to have received this prestigious award, SAFA Best Presented Annual Report Awards 2013. This is indeed a testimony to our adherence to the highest standards of governance philosophy and our continuous strive for excellence by adopting the best practices. The award encourages us to keep performing efficiently and ethically”.

SAFA (South Asian Federation of Accountants) is a “forum of professional accountancy bodies committed to positioning, maintaining and developing the accountancy profession in SAARC Region and ensuring its continued eminence in the world of accountancy; in the public interest and towards broad economic development of the region.”

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A recap of 2014 from Akshaya Patra


2014-15 has been a year of ideation and innovation for the Akshaya Patra team. We’ve pushed boundaries and the keywords all through were Engage, Excite and Entice! Here’s a recap of some of the things we have achieved in the last twelve months.

  • Website and Microsite: We redid the Akshaya Patra website to feature better design and content, along with 7 regional and 4 international language microsites.
  • Blog: We redesigned the blog making it more interactive, featuring more frequent and relevant content with a macro perspective on issues.
  • Online ads: Upgraded the design quality and content of our online ads which are updated regularly on Google, Yahoo and private ad networks.
  • Online contests: Developed engaging and creative microsites to run two month-long online contests. Click a Smile, Akshaya Patra’s annual photography contest allows contestants to upload their best three entries for judging by an expert panel. In 2013 the contest received over 700 entries worldwide. Click a Smile 2014 closes entries on 22 December, 2014.The blogging competition held in collaboration with BlogAdda had entries flooding in as contestants vied to be among the top five bloggers chosen, and to help eliminate classroom hunger at the same time. For every post entered BlogAdda would feed one Akshaya Patra beneficiary for an entire year.
  • Social Media Posts: This year saw a concentrated effort in producing fresh, engaging and informative posts via social media, which resulted in Facebook page likes going up by almost 40,000 and Twitter followers by close to 3,000 since January 2014.
  • #HungryForSchool was a three-month long social media campaign focused on raising awareness between the connection between hunger and education. The campaign received an overwhelming response with Facebook page likes going up by almost 12,000, famous personalities like Deepak Chopra endorsing and sharing our cause, and of course donations going up as well.
  • Newsletters and Emailers: Improved the creativity and content of the organisation’s internal, fortnightly and quarterly newsletters, which have consequently received positive feedback from our stakeholders.
  • Annual Report 2013-14: After receiving numerous awards for creativity and financial reporting last year, we have pushed the envelope to create something even better for this year. The annual report is scheduled for release in a few days.
  • 2015 Calendar: Based on the theme ‘Makers of India: People who made it BIG’ the calendar features successful personalities from the country like Bollywood celebrity Parineeti Chopra, athlete PT Usha and more posing with the children.
  • Hackathon: We also stepped out of our usual comfort zone and participated in the JP Morgan Chase ‘Code for Good’ and the Google ‘Code for India’ hackathons and presented challenges to the participants. These events were not just innovative but fascinating as well!
  • Production of 3 online films: This year we have produced three films, Morsel of Love which highlights how each mouthful of food is prepared for the children with a mother’s love for her child, What can you get for Rs. 750? which showcases that many things may be unaffordable with Rs. 750, but feeding a child for a whole year is not, and The Possibilities which tells us about the struggles some children face every day to get one square meal together.

These are some of the highlights of 2014 from us at Akshaya Patra. It’s been a huge learning curve for us and we’re excited to continue down this journey we’ve begun. So stay logged in to our blog for more updates.

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VisitorsCoverage sponsors 2014 Benefit Event!


VisitorsCoverage donated $2,500 as sponsorship for the 2014 Akshaya Patra Benefit Event held at San Francisco recently. This donation will help the Foundation provide the daily, nutritious mid-day meal to 166 children in India for an entire year!

VisitorsCoverage makes a generous donation to Akshaya Patra
VisitorsCoverage makes a generous donation to Akshaya Patra

We sincerely thank VisitorsCoverage for their generosity and their support in helping Akshaya Patra fight the battle against classroom hunger in India. We are grateful and encouraged by such support that transcends all barriers. It reiterates that it is only through a consolidated, global effort that issues like malnutrition, illiteracy and poverty can finally be eradicated.

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Celebrate Generosity on #GivingTuesday


#GivingTuesday is just around the corner and individuals, corporates and NGOs globally are getting set with their plans to celebrate this special day. On this day the whole world will be united in one common thought – to rejoice in generosity and the joy of giving. #GivingTuesday is celebrated on the Tuesday following the American holiday Thanksgiving.

#GivingTuesday was launched in 2012 and has been picked up enthusiastically worldwide. A social media movement, #GivingTuesday encourages people to donate in any form they wish. Whether the expression takes the form of a thought shared online, or a donation made to someone in need, #GivingTuesday celebrates the essence of the holiday season by remembering the needs of the less fortunate.

To celebrate this day corporates and charities work closely together to provide a platform for people to give generously to those in need. In fact Cisco, whose preferred partner in India is Akshaya Patra, plans to launch an interesting campaign with us to mark this day.

In addition to this Hyatt Community Grants, the philanthropic programme of Hyatt Hotels has also planned to partner with Akshaya Patra in celebration of #GivingTuesday 2014!

We can’t wait to be a part of this wonderful occasion when the whole world will come together to spread happiness through giving. In the meantime keep check in with our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages on 2nd December to find out more about our #GivingTuesday campaign!

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It’s our Birthday!


Akshaya Patra turns 14 and we’re taking a look back at our journey thus far!

Born of the simple thought to end classroom hunger, the organisation’s vision that ‘no child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger’ has now snowballed into a movement that has touched the lives and hearts of people all over the country and beyond.

With humble beginnings feeding just 1,500 children across 5 schools in the year 2000, today Akshaya Patra feeds over 1.4 million children across 10,661 Government and Government-aided schools across India on every school day. Headquartered in Bangalore the Foundation runs 23 kitchens in 10 states of India, and has a presence in the U.S. and U.K. too.

Akshaya Patra has crossed some huge milestones in the past 14 years. Some of them are:

  • 2000 – Launches the feeding programme with just 1,500 children in 5 schools across Bangalore
  • 2001 – The Akshaya Patra feeding programme gains momentum with the mid-day meal becoming compulsory in Government schools.
  • 2002 – The technologically advanced roti making machine is introduced in the Vrindavan kitchen.
  • 2003 – The Government of Karnataka invites Akshaya Patra to partner with it to supply the mid-day meals in the state.
  • 2004 – Akshaya Patra expands to Hubli, Jaipur, Mangalore and Mysore too.
  • 2005 – Introduces a decentralised kitchen in Baran to reach remote areas of India.
  • 2006 – Harvard Business School does a case study on Akshaya Patra’s operations processes.
  • 2007 – Opens more kitchens at Nayagarh, Bhilai, Gandhinagar and a second kitchen in Bangalore.
  • 2008 – Becomes the first Indian NGO to comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • 2009 – Serves up 500 million cumulative meals.
  • 2010 – Guwahati kitchen is opened establishing a presence in the north east.
  • 2011 – Opens a centralised kitchen in Chennai.
  • 2012 – Akshaya Patra serves its billionth meal.
  • 2013 – Ranked 23rd in The Global Journal list of top 100 NGOs in the world, and opens the Jodhpur kitchen.
  • 2014 – Opens kitchens at Cuttack and Rourkela in Odisha.

Aside from these milestones Akshaya Patra has also received huge accolades for excellence in communications, operations process, food safety and financial reporting. The Foundation received the Gold Shield Award from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for excellence in financial reporting five years in a row, gaining a place in the ICAI hall of fame – the first NGO to ever do so. Akshaya Patra has also received three consecutive LACP (League of American Communications Professionals) Vision Gold Awards, and was awarded the CII National Award for Food Safety by the Confederation of Indian Industry amongst many others.

The past 14 years have seen huge success and growth for the organisation, but there is a long way to go. Looking ahead, the plans are firmly underway to keep the Foundation motoring on course to fulfil its mission of reaching 5 million children by 2020.

But in order to reach that goal we need your help. So join us in our fight to provide food for education to the children of India. Together we can end classroom hunger!

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Making the most of IT


Keeping abreast with changes in information technology (IT) is crucial to any organisation that wants to scale up and increase productivity. If a company is growing, your dependence on IT will grow with it. Output and expectations increase, timelines decrease, and efficiency is the word of the day. Whether the goal is profit or not, information technology is the linchpin to achieving the organisation’s vision and mission.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation has seen phenomenal growth in the 14 years since its inception. From feeding just 1,500 children across 5 schools in Bangalore, today the Foundation feeds over 1.4 million children in 23 locations across 10 states of India every day. Coordinating these efforts involving hundreds of people employed in different capacities across the kitchens and corporate headquarters is no easy feat. But the aggressive use of information technology has helped run the organisation like a well-oiled machine.

There are a few distinct ways in which Akshaya Patra utilises information technology: end–user support, IT infrastructure, security and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Akshaya Patra has taken decisive steps with its investment into information technology. Office 365 has been added to the email infrastructure. A Citrix XenApp server was set up to ensure that the servers are up and running all the time. Akshaya Patra has hired a data center facility to house servers and associated components. The Foundation migrated to Windows 7 and also implemented SharePoint to aid in the transfer of information.

The management team at Akshaya Patra understands the crucial role information technology plays in realising the organisation’s goals. Supporting the Foundation’s mission to feed 5 million children by 2020, the IT team at Akshaya Patra is already looking to the future to see how best they can contribute to achieving this target in the least amount of time. But Akshaya Patra’s modus operandi of implementing the latest in information technology, combined with the expertise of its IT team, certainly looks to have put the Foundation on the path to success.

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It’s Teacher’s Day all this month


To commemorate Teacher’s Day, The Akshaya Patra Foundation organised a special event. The programme which began on 06 September, 2014 is running for four Saturdays at different venues across Bangalore. Children from four schools have come together to pull off an outstanding display which includes a skit on Teacher’s Day, a dance and a musical which celebrates the spirit of Lord Krishna.

The focus of this event is commemorating the late Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the first Vice-President and second President of India whose birthday is celebrated on Teacher’s Day. It was Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who stated that ‘teachers should have the best minds in the country.’

The students gave a spirited performance and the crowds received it very well, cheering constantly. “This is about Guruvandana (respect to teachers). Compared to the yesteryears, today the rapport between students and teachers is not as much as earlier. Having an event like this will help bridge the gap between them. It is an occasion which will be remembered by everyone,” said Padmavatham, a teacher.

The whole-hearted support from the teachers to their students in their endeavour did justice to the spirit of Teacher’s Day. “We salute our teachers for being our role models, and we want to show our appreciation to them on a day like this,” said Durga Prasad, a child from the dance troupe.

This dynamic programme has drawn lots of support which is an encouraging sign for such an event to continue every year.

You can join in to celebrate this event at the following date and venue:

27 September, 2014, RV College, Basvangudi

View some images from this programme here.

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Gift a Tara: A creative collaboration between and Akshaya Patra

worldoo, an interactive online eco-system designed for children, has teamed up with Akshaya Patra! It is a platform for children (citizens of to read, watch videos, view pictures etc. and earn stars.

In its partnership with Akshaya Patra, developed the creative concept of ‘Gift a Tara’ whereby children can donate the stars they have earned to an underprivileged child. These stars which act as virtual currency on, can then be converted into real money and donated towards the cause of providing food for education to a hungry child in India.

Aside from being a noble cause, also helps children understand the need to be generous to those in need, and experience the pleasure of helping another human being. Being an interactive, educational, exciting platform, that is designed specifically to nurture the healthy development of children, empowers children to explore their world and contribute to making it better.

With millions of children having limited access to healthy food and education, the unique concept of ‘Gift a Tara’ attempts to bridge the gap between the economically secure and economically challenged children of India. explains to children that by the simple yet generous act of donating a few of their stars to the programme, they too can ‘be a Star.’

Akshaya Patra is glad to be associated with, and looks forward to the progress that can together be achieved in the cause of providing food for education to the young ones in need.

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Akshaya Patra begins ‘Orbit Shifting Innovation’


Our vision at Akshaya Patra is that ‘No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger’ and we have taken it as our mission to reach 5 million children by 2020.

A vision of this magnitude requires thinking and functioning far beyond the traditional approach. We have identified and are committed to innovation as the route to reach there. Not any innovation, but Orbit Shifting Innovation™. We are partnering with the best innovation mind in the industry, Erehwon Innovation Consulting – a pioneering innovation consulting firm that has developed Orbit Shifting Innovation™, as a methodology over the past 22 years through cutting edge research and engagements with several corporates around the world.

Akshaya Patra and Erehwon have begun a journey to institutionalise and embed innovation into the DNA of Akshaya Patra such that innovation becomes the ‘Defining’ and ‘Driving’ element in the working and functioning of the organisation. Through this journey, Akshaya Patra will expand its innovation portfolio in strategy and operations, embed innovation practices and rhythms into the organisation, and build the right structures and capability.

The first leg of the journey begins with setting up an institutional design for innovation and transforming the operations of our kitchens. As we get started, watch this space for more updates!

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