Happy birthday, dear reader!

So where’s the party going to be? We simply love birthdays! There’s such an air of excitement – of the gifts you will receive, the heartfelt wishes that make your day, the big or small bash you’d share with your loved ones – each moment of the day is special. This year, we’d like to make a small suggestion to make your day a little extra special.

Give a return gift to a child who is #HungryForSchool.

There are millions of children in India who do not go to school, as they work to earn their daily meal. At Akshaya Patra, we give them a ticket out of this vicious cycle. We provide them with a hearty lunch at school. Does it work? There has been a spike of 28 per cent in enrolments this year, and it is directly attributed to the food we serve.

So how much does it take to feed a child who is #HungryForSchool? Rs. 750 is enough to feed one child for a whole academic year. We ask you to make a small contribution on your big day, and make a huge difference to a child’s future. This year, have a blast, or have a quiet party, but share a slice of your joy with a child who is #HungryForSchool. Give him/her a return gift of Rs. 750.

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  1. Plz. Give me full details about u r project. And how we can evolved with u.
    Awaneesh soni

  2. I Ve a couple of my best friends whose birthdays are coming up. Is there any way I can contribut on their behalf and wishes sent to them?

  3. It is great idea ! I have piggy bank & I collect & save of Rs.5/- & Rs.10/- denomination coin the whole year which amounts to any thing between Rs.3000/- to 5000 as per precedence. The amount collected the whole year is donated to Mothers homes or chetna the orphanage. I intend to give this years collection to your organization on my birthday ie on 3rd.August 2014. How & where will be able send my piggy bank with its collected amount . If I have to add any thing more to the collected amount for the noble cause you have taken on, I will be happy & blessed.

  4. I wondered about this idea. Instead of spending money on inviting guests and spending money on food and offering return gifts, i thought i would donate to akshaya patra mid day school program. Akshaya patra is doing most noble work and keep it up guys.

    Kishore S

  5. Hi Kishore, that is very kind of you. Your generosity on your birthday will have made a child’s day extra special too. It is through acts of kindness like this that we can help spread joy in the lives of children in India.

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