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    Treats from 10 States

    India is a melting pot of different cultures that blend together beautifully, whilst still maintaining their unique flavour. Since the country is divided into states and union territories, each state

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  • raksha-bandhan-banner

    Raksha Bandhan – Binding Cherished Memories

    The special tie between brothers and sisters will be celebrated once again this August, as the festival of Raksha Bandhan – literally meaning ‘the tie of protection’ – is here.

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  • Independence Day Banner

    Developing A Hunger-Free India

    India is a country of contrasts. The nation marches forward as it celebrates 70 years of independence from British rule this year, with higher economic growth and a robust agenda

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  • Things about Akshaya Patra

    Things You Must Know About Akshaya Patra

    India is on the roadway to success and to make this journey smooth and inclusive, it is essential that the children of this nation do not miss out on education

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  • Diary of a School Child

    Diary of a School Girl

    Dear Diary, Today’s Science class was very interesting. Our teacher taught us about Human Body. Until today, I did not know there were so many bones in our body. 206? That’s a lot. I’m only 12 years

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